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Spiritual Gifts In China1

China is on course to become the world’s most Christian nation. Even though China is an atheistic nation, Christianity is growing so fast that by the year 2030 it could actually have more Christian church goers than we have in the United States.

From a CBN report: Despite the government restrictions, China watchers say what is happening spiritually in the country is nothing short of remarkable. The preaching of the Word of God in the countryside is usually followed by miracles and healings. A local pastor is quoted as saying, "People who could never walk before, they walk. The blind see. I have even witnessed a man being raised from the dead. We see amazing healings and miracles each time we travel."

China has a church that is in the middle of persecution that is walking in the power of the living God. A church that doesn't just read about miracles, signs and wonders, but actually sees them. All they need is a house to meet in and a shower or tub to baptize people. the most ironic thing about this is that we used to send missionaries to China so we could minister the gospel to them, but now they are sending over their missionaries to minister to us. And when persecution comes, we might just need to listen to them.

None of this really matters if you don't know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. If you think you are already saved, then I recommend you take the Salvation Test, just to make sure. Otherwise, you can learn how to be saved here.

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